Month: April 2017

Do you have a smartphone?

Do you have a smartphone?

I have a confession… I purchased my first smartphone four years ago.  I was in my late twenties and my husband was trying to convince me to buy a smartphone.  I was fighting him tooth and nail.  We already spent enough money on our phone plans and internet.  I honestly didn’t want to pay for a data package.

Eventually, I caved and ended up with a Note II.  Fell in love.  You know what I fell in love with?  The apps that let me earn some extra money.  And some apps will let you earn gift cards to your favorite stores.  Looking at you, Amazon!  It’s simple stuff.  I can lay on the couch in the evening and stream videos, complete surveys, or play games while earning a couple of extra bucks.  And, occasionally, I learn something new, and I am off traveling down another rabbit hole.  To save you some time, I am going to share some of my go to apps for making some extra cash.



Lucktastic is an easy app that allows you to earn “tokens” that you can exchange for gift cards.  Still looking at you, Amazon!  You can also win cash prizes via scratch cards and enter contests for a grand prize.  You will need to sit through some short videos before taking part in contests or playing scratch cards.  Lucktastic will also reward you extra tokens or contest entries just for opening the app once a day.  It’s not a bad gig for just mindlessly tapping your smartphone.

Downsides?  Lucktastic is a battery drainer and some of the advertisements may take longer than others.  Use Wi-Fi when accessing the app.




Swagbucks is a nifty app that allows several options to earn “swagbucks.”  I have literally cashed out hundreds of dollars via PayPal over time just by performing easy tasks.  The app allows limited access to the overall program, but this is a wonderful choice if you want to answer surveys or watch videos on your lunch break.  My favorite videos to watch?  The cooking demonstrations!  Swagbucks will also allow you to trade in your swag for gift cards.  There is also an option to donate to charity, such as UNICEF.

Downsides?  Swagbucks sometimes has trouble loading.  You have more options to earn swagbucks through a web browser at

Lucktastic and Swagbucks are just a couple of apps that I will peruse at night while listening to the nightly news.  I order a lot of stuff from Amazon (especially items for my dogs), and I am ALWAYS looking for ways to alleviate the extra costs for pet supplies.


Have suggestions?  Let me know in the comments section!



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